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Introduction to FROSIO and Our Commitment to Excellence

At FROSIO Inspector, we stand at the forefront of advancement in corrosion protection and surface treatment standards. Our dedication to quality assurance, combined with an unwavering commitment to excellence, sets us apart in the industry. Through an array of sophisticated testing methods and our internationally recognized certification process, we ensure that our clients’ projects are executed to the highest standards.

Our Comprehensive Quality Assurance Methods

Digital DFT Measurements

One of the cornerstones of our quality assurance methods is the Digital dry film thickness (DFT) measurement. This technique provides us with precise coating thickness readings, allowing us to assess whether a surface has been adequately protected against corrosion.

Bresle Salt Test

To further ensure the longevity of coatings, we employ the Bresle salt test. This method assesses the level of salt contamination on surfaces, a critical factor that can lead to premature coating failure if not properly managed.

Liability Deduction Value Testing

Another vital part of our testing repertoire is the liability deduction value testing, which determines the peel adhesion strength. This test helps us to evaluate the durability of coatings under stress, ensuring they meet our rigorous standards for protection.

The Importance of Surface Preparation

In the realm of corrosion protection, the importance of thorough surface preparation cannot be overstated. At FROSIO, we use techniques like sandblasting and spray galvanizing not only to remove old layers of corrosion but also to prepare surfaces for the effective application of protective coatings. This meticulous approach to surface treatment is what enables us to achieve superior results for our clients.

FROSIO Certification: Elevating Industry Standards

Since our establishment in 1986, FROSIO has been committed to elevating standards in the surface treatment and insulation industries through our certification process. Our certification is not just a credential; it’s a testament to an individual’s expertise, dedication, and commitment to quality.

  • Comprehensive Training and Examination: Candidates aspiring for FROSIO certification undergo rigorous training, followed by examinations and documentation of experience. This process ensures that only the most competent professionals achieve FROSIO certification.
  • Roles of Certified Inspectors: FROSIO-certified inspectors play a pivotal role in the industry by contributing to curriculum development, training, examination, and standardization efforts. Their involvement helps in continuously raising the bar for quality and professionalism.

Choose FROSIO for Unparalleled Expertise

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career as an inspector or looking to further enhance your professional qualifications, FROSIO offers a pathway to certification that is globally recognized. With FROSIO, you gain not just a certification, but access to a wealth of knowledge, international opportunities, and a community dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in corrosion protection and surface treatment.

Trust FROSIO Inspector to deliver quality services that not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards. Our track record, underscored by testimonials from highly satisfied clients, speaks volumes about our technical expertise and dedication. Through our range of quality assurance methods and our comprehensive certification process, we proudly uphold our commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.

Contact FROSIO today to elevate your surface treatment processes to new heights. With us, you can rest assured that your projects are in the most capable hands, benefiting from unparalleled expertise in corrosion protection and surface treatment.

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