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Vehicle Weight Scales

Vehicle Weight Scales

It is important to understand one of the essential part of automotive safety on the highway, the weights. It is fascinating how the overall weight of the vehicle determines the overall safety.

The need for weight records in designing highways led to roadside measuring points that keep a steady record of all vehicles. The field weighing systems indicate the accuracy of the automobile to ensure efficiency, durability, and dependability. You want to ensure the truck scales you use have the right specification to handle the job. The following is a brief overview of the most defining qualities of vehicle weighing solutions.

Types of vehicle weighing equipment

Comparison between concrete and steel deck truck scales

Steel and concrete scales have the same building design. There are major differences and advantages of the steel deck in comparison to the concrete one. Concrete decks have better traction than steel, which is notably slippery when wet. They both have the same maintenance and will cost arguably the same amount for services in the end. The cost of the scales will depend on their particular model and size.


Steel scales have a higher demand because they are easier to install. They only take about a day to install and are considerably lighter than the counterpart. In certain cases, the steel scale is portable, whereas the concrete scale is immovable. It is better to get the steel scale if you are looking to move your business or testing point in the future.


Deliberate research will always specify the best model for vehicle weight scales. A significant difference is that steel portable vehicle scales are installable daily due to the lengthy calibrations.

The steel scale is vulnerable to corrosion due to weather elements. It is best to seek the help of a Massload consultant, who will advise you on the choice that will match your environment.


Concrete scales are heavier than steel but pose a similar number of advantages. They will maintain their position despite the vehicle’s weight and last much longer than steel in functionality.


You are likely to take longer to install concrete scales than you do install steel scales. Some concrete installs take weeks before one can calibrate the new scale. The concrete scale will last approximately five to seven years longer than the steel scale because it has a stronger compact built. 

Digital and analog load cells

Digital vehicle weighing scales from Massload are much better than the analog variation because they have quicker and more accurate signal processing. They may also have additional features like predictive processes and self-monitoring systems. Analog cells are great for hazardous environments, such as volatile voltage outputs.

The best truck scale will have accurate weights to prevent damage to the truck or trailer. It is challenging to narrow down to a particular model because our vehicle weight scales have comparable qualities and costs. You may want something particular to your business, budget, and environment. Talk to us about choosing the best truck scale by calling 1-800-667-3825.


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