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Seal Coatings Rockdale IL

Seal Coatings Rockdale IL

Whether you have an asphalt driveway at home or have an asphalt parking lot for your commercial building, you need to make sure that it is properly maintained. A well-maintained asphalt driveway or parking lot can last for up to 20 years. The best way to ensure that it always looks good and performs well is with seal coating in Rockdale, IL.

What is Seal Coating?

In order to understand seal coating in Rockdale, IL you need to know more about asphalt paving. Asphalt is a material that is often used to pave roads, driveways and parking lots. It is often used in place of concrete. Asphalt is made of a substance that is semi-liquid when hot. When it dries it creates a strong, smooth surface that is ideal for vehicle and foot traffic.

Once asphalt pavement is in place it should be sealed. Seal coating in Rockdale, IL is helpful to extend the life of the pavement and preventing the need for major repairs. While seal coating is not necessary, it is generally recommended. The use of a seal coating protects the surface from damage that occurs from water, ice, sun and other weather elements as well as from oil and gas spillage.

Seal coating is also sometimes called resealing. This is a process in which a thin layer of asphalt or sealant is applied to the top of the asphalt pavement. This acts to seal up any cracks or minor defects in the surface and should be done on a regular basis as part of maintaining the surface.

Seal Coating in Rockdale, IL

In order to properly maintain your driveway or parking lot you will want to have it seal coated every several years. You can also have your pavement seal coated whenever you notice any degradation in the material.

Weather and other things can cause your pavement to develop small cracks and dents. If this happens it is easy to repair if you quickly have your driveway seal coated. While you can perform seal coating on your own, it is easy and affordable to have it completed by a professional paving company.

Seal coating can be completed relatively quickly. You will simply need to remove everything from the surface to allow full access. Seal coating is applied and then spread onto the pavement to cover it completely. This process fills in any cracks and makes the surface appear brand new.

You can use the surface again once the pavement is completely cured and dried. You will see that the asphalt looks darker like it did when it was new and it doesn’t have the cracks that may have developed over time.

Resealing not only makes your driveway look better but it also extends the life of the asphalt. Regularly maintained asphalt can last as long as 20 years. Seal coating in Rockdale, IL is an affordable and effective way to maintain your driveway and improve the look of your property. Contact us today to obtain pricing and to schedule resealing.


Seal Coatings Rockdale IL

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Seal Coatings Rockdale IL

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