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Rubber Play Chippings

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Rubber Play Chippings

Most likely the best quality loose fill playground surface on the market.
Excellent alternative to all wood chip applications. It is clean, colourful, environmentally friendly and, most of all, it is fun.
Uniform size of product, minimum fibre content and everlasting colour makes Woodland Mix chippings ideal for resin bond application.


Ticks all the right boxes, when compared to all others:

• Cleanest = safest available
• Tested to help protect kids from falls up to massive 6.4 metres
• NOT PAINTED natural rubber (will never stain or fade)
• Lifetime guarantee on colour
• Pure soft rubber
• Almost fibre and dust free
• Absolutely wire free
• No hidden stuff under thick layer of paint
• Child friendly and non toxic
• Long lasting, safe, easy to maintain and durable.
• Fast dispatch and flexible delivery date*
• Soft and springy – better impact absorption.
• Safe for pets and poultry
• Premium quality
• Great look and natural colours
• Easy to install and virtually maintenance free
• Dries quickly after rain
• No regular top ups – buy it, install it, enjoy it all year round
• Won't deteriorate, splinter or decompose, whatever the weather
• Barefoot friendly
• Manufactured from recycled natural rubber products in UK

Safety first:
We all want to protect our kids and create a safe play environment. Firmasofta is independently tested and meets the latest stringent standards laid down in BS EN 1177: 2008 (impact absorption of play surfaces)

What is BS EN 1177: 2008? (Impact absorbing playground surfacing)
This is the latest approved safety standard which measures the impact absorption of play surfaces from a range of fall heights from 0.6 to 6.4 metres.

Only Firmasofta's natural impact absorbing protection helps protect kids from falls from play equipment up to 6.4 metres. The tables below show you how to install Firmasofta to meet the BS EN standards.


(Lead time is approx 4-5 working days)

Rubber Play Chippings