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Refrigerator Lockers

Luxer One is a top of the line locker unit company operating in the US since 2005. At Luxer One we believe in revolutionizing the storage and package industry and so far with the aid of state of the art technology, an amazing dedicated team, work ethic, and dedication, we have been doing just that. We have brought to the industry the idea of 100% safe and secure package delivery and locker units pioneered by us have been a game-changing introduction to the locker industry.

Another revolutionary idea that we have recently introduced is Refrigerated lockers or Fridge Lockers. Our Luxer fridge is a fridge safe box locker specially engineered for deliveries of parcels with decay able goods or goods that need proper insulation such as various medicines

Luxer Fridge:

Designed and built with the latest technology in the USA and provided with 24/7 local service our Refrigerated smart lockers are efficient fridges protected by the same locking technology used in the infamous Luxer One lockers. These refrigerators are in-built with true refrigeration, the leading commercial refrigeration company all over the globe for the last 70 years. This Refrigerated pickup station is the perfect combination of an unparalleled collaboration between two great and most efficient technologies – The Luxer One’s proprietary locking technology and True Refrigeration®‘s unexcelled refrigeration line to bring you the best efficient and most secure commercial refrigerator in the industry. Our fridge has an elegant looking exterior but does not let the looks deceive you, it is made with the hardest steel and secured with our greatest locking technology to prevent anyone from ever being able to access it without the unique personal key code set with every delivery.

The fridge is of standard length and width with specific measurements that can be downloaded from our website. It can be added on with other Luxer one locker units or be used as a standalone unit. The fridge unit has an exterior of a solid one-door mechanism but the interior contains several compartments that can be adjusted according to delivery sized, for instance, a box of fresh strawberries likely needs a small compartment space compared to a huge bouquet of fresh flowers or a carton of fresh juices. The internal adjustable compartments ensure that the storage space in the refrigerator can be used up to the maximum capacity. The Luxe Refrigerators are also equipped with an environmentally friendly, latest technology, and power-saving refrigerant system that is fully safe, energy-saving, efficient, and has a zero ozone depletion outcome. Like our other locker units, luxe refrigerators also are under in-built 24/7 video surveillance live and phone/email along with a security key that is unique for all deliveries. A team of our finest local servicemen is also available to be contacted any time of the day to help with any issue that may arise and regular maintenance is carried out to ensure that our product is doing what is best.

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Contact Luxer One to learn more about our Refrigerated smart lockers and get a quote or more specification at 415.390.0123

Refrigerator Lockers

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Refrigerator Lockers

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