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Chilled Water Coil

Chilled Water CoilAmerican Coil can help you with the custom design and manufacture of the chilled water coil you need for your application. If you’ve been scouting out companies, consider the industry leading coil manufacturers for the job. American Coil designs and manufactures custom circuitry for chilled water and hot water coil applications, along with glycol applications. It is through their exacting manufacturing process that their experts are able to create AHRI-certified coils for just about any specification.

If you’re wondering why you should trust American Coil with your chilled water coil, consider a few of the advantages other clients have noted by doing business with the industry leaders:

– Clients appreciate the fastest lead time on the market. Once you have approved the drawing for a chilled water coil to be produced, the standard lead time is just 12-14 business days. If your application requires urgent service, just speak with your representative about expedited lead times of 3, 5 and 10 days. The bottom line is that American Coil wants you to have the product in your hand when you need it- your expedited time will in no way compromise on the quality of the finished product.

– American Coil is capable of producing curved and odd-shaped coils; in fact, they are top on the list of specialties American Coil is noted for. While most other coil manufacturers cannot offer this service to their clients, American Coil routinely makes U-shaped coils, L-shaped coils, G-shaped coils and even round coils- of every size.

– You’ll find American Coil to be different from just about every other coil design, engineer and manufacturing company out there. From the wide range of experience they bring to the table to the years of commitment their workers have invested in their jobs, American Coil is unique for a number of reasons.

– Clients truly appreciate the ‘can-do’ attitude that is seen at every level of American Coil. Their experts focus intently on how to solve their clients’ problems, and ensure that every customer is pleased with the product and service they receive. In order to meet your urgent needs, American Coil’s employees and management will work weekends and holidays to ensure you have what you need in hand when you need it.

You’ll find American Coil is not willing to substitute materials of lesser quality just to offer affordable pricing to their clients. While this happens fairly often in the industry, and is extremely hard to detect until the product has failed, as a customer with American Coil, you can be certain you are buying from a company you can trust- and as such, they will deliver the highest quality chilled water coil possible.

Trust your custom application to American Coil and do business with a genuine manufacturing company- not a reseller of someone else’s products. American Coil produces 100% of their coils in their Gardena, California factory and does not use Chinese sourced tube or fin materials.

For more information or to connect with an expert from American Coil, call 888-914-2427 or visit online at American-Coil.com.