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Assembly Robots

Article provided by: Robex

Assembly Robots

Assembly robots are a great way to maintain efficiency and quality while reducing cost. Eliminate redundant tasks and reduce workloads to create optimal output with automation. Robex brings the power of automation and data to your warehouse or factory with full turnkey support.

How do robotic assembly lines work?

Automated assembly lines use robots to aid people in complex tasks and eliminate redundant processes. This improves safety and quality without unrecoverable costs.

Robotic arms help assembly line workers complete work quickly. Autonomous robots transport goods between workstations. Other robots eliminate costly processes.

Which type of assembly line robots exist?

Assembly line robots perform a variety of roles on automated robotic assembly lines. No one robot serves a large number of roles. Break down each type of process in your factory to better understand each.

The different processes include:

  • Picking material
  • Transporting material
  • Assembling material
  • Packing material
  • Placing material on pallets

An industrial robot exists for each step of the process. As technology improves, the number of tasks handled by a single robot will increase.

Robots for Assembly

Assembly robots fall into two categories themselves. Devices must drill, rivet, and help improve safety in many ways.

These robots can:

  • Completely automate task
  • Help staff complete tasks quickly and safely

In both instances, your robots improve efficiency and quality. Helping your workers keeps them on the job while also increasing output per worker.

Completely Automating Tasks

Task automation is possible in a growing number of situations. Waiting to jump on the automation bandwagon will leave you behind with ROI of 22 percent. It also makes a complete overhaul more difficult over time.

Incorporate automated robots over time to ensure better results. This way you can refine your process and achieve the best from the autonomous parts of your assembly line.

Cooperative Robotics

Not every task is automatable. Many require an inspection or even a maneuver more costly to solve than with a human. Many of these tasks are dangerous.

Cooperative robots help your workers complete tasks quickly. Eliminate risk and increase output while your staff supervises your machinery.


One of the key parts of robotic assembly is customizability. Not every facility or assembly line is the same. Companies differ even among the same process.

Robex helps manufacturers and logistics companies obtain the perfect fit for their organization. Our turnkey solutions help with implementation, software, and upgrading your systems.


Robex helps you maintain your devices. Upgrades relate to safety and security.

As a technology partner, we keep your networked systems working. Any device connected to the Internet is upgradeable through the Internet of Things.

Assembly Robots for Logistics and Manufacturing

The world of today already shows hints of the drastic revolution occurring due to automation and technology. Do not get left behind in the midst of this growth. Implement automation over time to empower efficiency and productivity.

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